With the Christmas countdown well and truly underway, many people are now starting to give their home a fresh look. Restyling your home can be a stressful time, with searching for the perfect items to fit your homes style and your personal taste, while also sticking to a predefined budget. It can be difficult to find the perfect pieces for home. Trying to do all this, while trying to understand the latest trends in furniture can be a time consuming task. To help make this easier for you, we’ve put together a list of our favourite trends this season to help your furniture shopping even easier!


Colour is a great way to add a quirky and modern touch to your rooms. A pop of colour can make any room feel brand new, without having to completely overhaul the room. A few clever colour updates can make an old room feel brand new. The best way to add colour is with a new chair or accessories. Be sure to use colours that compliment your room and existing pieces.


If colour is to much for your room, or just simply not your taste, check is a great way to add a touch of colour while not going too ‘overboard’. Depending on your style, check is a great way too add a rustic or classic touch to a home. Particularly if your home is modelled in a ‘country home’ style, a check can really add to your homes style.

3.Herringbone Floors

Herringbone floors are only growing in popularity. This unique pattern can enhance the style of many rooms, while also helping your home appear larger and more spacious. When choosing a wooden floor, be sure to choose a material that will grow with your home and that will suit your lifestyle. Remember a floor is an investment a should last!


The industrial trend has grown from Europe and have become increasingly popular here. The industrial trend features quite a lot of metal and wood. These are certainly statement pieces and really add a talking point to any room in your home. If you love modern design than this trend is definitely for you!

To view these trends and more, call in and chat to our expert team in store who can help you find the perfect pieces for your home! Don’t forget there’s still time to get your items delivered before Christmas!