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Navajo Cream

Navajo 9050 Cream

Hong Kong Grey Green

Hong Kong Grey Yellow

Hong Kong Grey Rose

Hong Kong Grey Purple

Hong Kong Grey Navy

Hong Kong Grey Ivory

Hong Kong Grey Green

Elements EL 65 Yellow

Boho Ivory Black

Boho Rose

Boho Charcoal

Spiral Beige






Inaluxe colour fall

Inaluxe crystal palace

Inaluxe IX06 Composition

Inaluxe Jazz Flute

Inaluxe shipping News

Inaluxe Transmission

Inaluxe IX13-Drift

Inaluxe IX14- Hey Ho Lets Go

Inaluxe IX11-Neon

Michelle Collins MC04-Outside In

Michelle Collins MC19- Time To Reflect

Michelle Collins MC04-Descend

Michelle Collins MC21- Stand Tall

Michelle Collins AB0151 – Rose Crimson

Michelle Collins AB0151 – Rose Crimson

Michelle Collins AB0151 – Rose Crimson

Michelle Collins AB0157 – Rose

Michelle Collins OS0077- Rose

Michelle Collins OS0078- Navy

Bazaar Jute 17965 – Natural

Michelle Collins FL0024- Rose Black

Bazaar Jute 23787 – Natural

Bazaar Jute 24831 – Natural

Bazaar Jute 24875 – Natural

Hemp 26588- Multi

Bazaar Jute 17457- Multi

Bazaar Jute 17457- Multi

Hemp 21470- Multi

Hemp 23373- Multi




Kasbah-KB2025-Beige | KB2025-Grey

Kasbah-KB2025-Dark Teal | KB2025-Jewel Green

Kasbah-KB2025-Rose | KB2025-Terracotta


Elements-EL43-Grey | EL83-Beige/Peach

Elements-EL1095-Grey | EL1095-Ochre

Elements-EL65-Grey | EL65-Red | EL2267-Grey | EL2267-Natural

Spiral-Red | Spiral-Ivory

Spiral-Gold | Spiral-Grey

Super Teddy-Navy

Super Teddy-Jewel Green

Super Teddy-Mustard | Rose

Super Teddy-Beige | Black

Super Teddy-Grey| Silver

Super Teddy-Ivory | Mink


Montana-Beige | Ivory

Montana-Red | Rose

Montana-Dark Grey| Dark Navy

Montana-Jewel Green | Steel Blue

Montana-Terracotta | Yellow

Polar PL95-Beige | PL95-Cream

Polar PL95-Charcoal | PL95-Light Grey

Polar PL95-Navy

Polar PL95-Light Blue | Terracotta | Lilac | Yellow | Rose |Ruby

Teddy-Mink | Beige |Ivory

Teddy-Silver| Rose | Yellow

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If you’re looking for stylish, versatile, modern sliding wardrobes, then you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find our fantastic range of designs. All our collections are packed with clever storage features to help transform your bedroom into a haven of ordered tranquility!

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