Most Popular Bed & Base Products



Pocket 1200


Diplomat Blue Base Squares HB

Diplomat Blue Base Vertical HB

Diplomat Charcoal Base Squares HB

Diplomat Charcoal Base Vertical HB

Diplomat Silver Base Squares HB

Diplomat Silver Base Vertical HB

Envoy Blue Base Horizontal HB

Envoy Charcoal Base Chesterfield HB

Envoy Silver Base Chesterfield HB

Envoy Silver Base Horizontal HB

Jubilee Silver Linen Plain HB

Mila Panelled Bed 3′ – Taupe

Mila Curved Bed 3′ – Taupe

Ferndale 3′ Bed

Ferndale 3′ Bed white

Ferndale 5′ Bed


Willow Bed 2

Willow 2 single bed grey

Willow 2 single bed white

Willow 2 single bed black

Willow 2 double bed

Willow 404 Grey

Willow 405 Grey

Willow 4’6 – Blue

Willow 5′ Bed – Blue

Respa Inspire ottoman closed

Respa Inspire Ottoman Divan Full

Respa Inspire Shallow Divan 6 T leg

Respa Inspire Shallow Divan 8 heel leg

Respa Inspire Standard Divan

Electric Bed Flotation Pocket 2

Electric Bed Visco Lux 5

Symphony GB Cream 2

Respa Std Divan

Respa Std 4 Drawer 2

Respa Inspire Lifestyle Divan 10 inch

Respa Inspire Lifes Divan 12

Respa Inspire Lfes Divan 12 open

RI Leg Divan 8 inch Beech

RI Leg Divan 3inch Walnut

Affordable luxury furniture Bed & Base

We guarantee a great night’s sleep from our extensive range of beds and mattresses. Dealing with only Irish manufacturers to ensure the correct level of comfort, the latest designs and the highest quality products available. We are sourcing the best products on the market. Call in today, try our mattresses and feel the difference.

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